Retail Sales Window Hours

Year-Round Hours
Monday – Friday: 9:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Attention Liquor License Customers:
Effective July 2nd, 2021 we will no longer be accepting expired licenses at the retail window. Liquor License customers must have their current liquor permit expiring 2021, an Authority to Operate, or their printed Receipt from Ohio Department of Commerce.


Keg Purchases at the House of LaRose:

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Keg Measurements

Type of Keg Ounces Cases of Beer
(per 12oz. cups)
Keg Size Weight of Keg
Standard Domestic
1/2 Barrel
1,984oz. 7 cases 165 16" Diameter
23" High
Standard Domestic
1/4 Barrel
992oz. 3.5 cases 80 16" Diameter
13-3/4" High
Yuengling Slim
1/4 Barrel
992oz. 3.5 cases 80 14" Diameter
24" High
Standard Domestic
1/6 Barrel
661oz. 2.3 cases 55 9" Diameter
23" High
50 Liter Barrel 1,691oz. 5.9 cases 141 15.5" Diameter
26.5" High
30 Liter Barrel 1,015oz. 3.5 cases 85 14.5" Diameter
16" High
20 Liter Barrel 676oz. 2.35 cases 56 9" Diameter
27" High

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Tap Rentals

We have tap rentals available for our domestic products, Bass and Kirin Ichiban at a $75 deposit and $5 rental fee. For our imported products, tap rentals are $100 deposit and a $5 rental fee.

US Sankey
(D system)
  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Yuengling
  • Bass
  • Kirin Ichiban
G System
  • Boddingtons
A System
  • Hoegaarden
European Sankey
(S system)
  • Stella Artois
  • Beck's
  • Leffe

A tap is no good without a keg!

Keg Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tap a keg?

Tapping a keg is not difficult but it must be done right or else you will waste beer. Place your keg in the spot where you will have it for the event, this way you don't move it once it's tapped. Let the keg settle for a few hours before you tap it, keep it cool in a large garbage can or container filled with ice. When it's done settling it's time to tap the keg. Make sure you have a correct tap; taps vary for domestic and import beers.

  1. First, remove the plastic covering the opening of the keg.
  2. Hold the tap with the pump at the top making sure the tap lever(located at the bottom of the tap) is in the up position.
  3. Place the bottom of the tap into the opening of the keg.
  4. Push down until the tap cannot go down any further and turn the whole tap clockwise.
  5. Turn it until you can't anymore let the metal rim slide into place.
  6. Now that the tap is locked into place, push down the tap lever with one hand while you hold the tap with the other (some taps require you to pull the tap lever out slightly to unlock it while pushing it down)
  7. When the lever can't go down anymore it will lock into place when you release it.
  8. Give the tap a few pumps and now you're ready to pour.

Even though the keg is tapped, pour out a cup or two of beer to get out the excess foam, and when it get clear your ready to serve. Would you rather see how it's done?

Why is the beer coming out of the keg foamy?

A few things can cause foamy beer. You could have over pumped your keg and there is too much pressure inside. If you moved your keg around after it was tapped or if you pour beer out without opening the handle all the way, it'll create foam.

What makes keg beer flat?

There are many factors that can make beer flat. The most common factors it's too warm or too cold, too much oxygen exposure, or not enough pressure in the keg.

After a keg is tapped how long is it good for?

A keg tapped with a CO2 regulator can last weeks if not months. Kegs tapped with standard air or a hand pump will last a few days before it starts to go flat and get stale.

What happens if my keg gets warm?

If the keg gets warm the beer will go flat and stale in about 12 hours. This is because beer ages faster in a warm environment so keep your keg cool to age your beer slower.

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