Beer 101

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On Beer Advocate you can learn about everything you ever wanted to know about beer, brewing, styles flavors and much more. These are multiple posts about almost every flavor of beer. If you are looking to learn more about a specific beer you can find it on Beer Advocate. Some topics they feature are:
  • The Basics
  • Beer Style Articles
  • Beer Advocacy
  • Beer & Food
  • Beer History
  • Homebrewing

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Welcome to the world of beer. Draft Magazine has it all, from beer styles, to glassware, to a 7-step guide to the perfect sip of beer. Draft Magazine will make your mouth water with beer knowledge.

The Beer in Me

The Beer In Me was founded for Beer Enthusiasts and Home brewers, with a goal to promote excellent beer found throughout the world. On The Beer In Me, you can find educational resources about beer glassware, styles, terminology, and definitions. This website is the perfect resource to learn about the world of beer. The Beer in Me Logo Beer offers expert quality content with more than eighty-eight thousand topics. It is owned by the New York Times Company who has a whole guide to learn about beer. From beer styles and Ales vs. Lagers, to Beer History and a whole lot more. Beer Logo

Craft Beer Logo Craft Beer was created to communicate the excellence found in craft beer. On you can learn about craft-brewed beer, how to enjoy it, and the processes behind creating it. On you can also find facts about beer and health as well as the right glass to drink your beer.